Where All Of The Best Boarding Schools Can Be Found

When you want the best for your child, you will even look for a small class size boarding high school. From pre-school to senior high, it is often a big priority for parents to get the best education possible for their children. Now that your child has reached high school age, you may want to enroll him or her in a boarding school. This gives you a chance to give your child the best education in these final years prior to college, while giving your teen a chance to experience life on his/her own. If this sounds like something you really want to do, you should know where all of the best boarding schools in the nation are located so that you can begin applications for them and attend interviews for them as well.


​A large number of the best boarding schools for high schoolers are in Connecticut. In fact, many of the high school boarding schools are located near or within driving distance of Ivy League colleges. A couple of the most prestigious boarding schools for teens are even sponsored by Ivy League schools. Enrolling in one of these schools puts your teen on the fast track for the Ivy League school that sponsors it or has ties to it.


Pennsylvania is another New England state that has several boarding high schools. Many of these are higher profile, and more costly, but they do offer financial aid and scholarships. Check with their Board of Admissions, since these schools frequently have long waitlists. 

New Hampshire

It really is not all that surprising that so many boarding high schools exist on the East Coast and within the same states as Ivy League schools. New Hampshire is no exception. It has at least four or five of the best boarding high schools in the top fifty boarding high schools in the nation. It is something to consider if all of your choices from Pennsylvania and Connecticut are "closed door" options for you and your teen.

Do Not Forget about West Coast Schools

There are also a handful of West Coast boarding schools for high schoolers, too. Makes sense, since there are plenty of famous people living in California who want a high quality, high caliber private education for their children. If you live closer to the West Coast area, look into schools for your teen there. Then you can at least visit on the weekends.

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