The Top Ways to Help Your Child Succeed at Online High School

How can you help your child to succeed in online high school? Whether your child's district doesn't have in-person instruction this year or you've chosen a cyber option, take a look at what you need to know about this type of homeschooling and educational success.

1. Set a Schedule

Synchronous high school classes won't require your child to set up their own schedule. This type of educational option provides real-time person-to-person online instruction. Your child may participate in a large lecture, one-on-one tutoring, or small group instruction via a live video link. A completely synchronous school day is similar to what your child would experience in school.

If your child's cyber school uses an asynchronous or partially synchronous approach, they will need to create a schedule. A well-planned schedule will help your child to divide their time equally (or as needed) between classes. Along with individual class times, your child should also plan study sessions or homework times.

2. Organize Everything

Is your high schooler naturally organized? If not, they aren't alone. Help your student to succeed at cyber school with a little organization. Create a system that makes sense to your child. This could include color-coded folders for different classes, numbered binders, or an alphabetical filing strategy. An organized at-home school system will reduce the risk of your child forgetting about assignments or online exams.

3. Motivate Your Student

Your high schooler wants to succeed. But they may not have the motivation they need 100 percent of the time. Without a teacher constantly present (during the school day) or their peers nearby, your child's scholastic motivation could drop suddenly or seriously.

Help your student to motivate themselves daily, weekly, and throughout the school year. While it's important for parents to act as their children's cheerleader, this isn't the only way to provide or increase motivation. Along with motivation from another person, your child also needs to motivate themselves.

Discuss school or class goals with your child. This can help them to see the bigger picture and motivate themselves to succeed. As they progress through the school year, encourage your child to evaluate their own progress. Your high schooler can congratulate themselves for meeting educational goals and see the areas where they need to improve.

4. Provide Plenty of Quiet-Time

Is your house a busy or noisy place? Give your child the space and quiet necessary to succeed in online high school programs. Turn off the TV, turn down music, and keep your other kids away from your high schooler during cyber classroom time. If possible, set up a school-only zone in your home so your child can concentrate on their studies. 

To learn more, contact online high school programs. 

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