Three Ways To Support Your Children's Private Education, And Support Private Schools Too

Most private schools, when they are established, rely on the tuition of their students to operate. However, some private schools cannot operate on the tuition alone, and in order to continue providing an exclusive education, they need the help and support of the parents of the students in attendance. If you want to support both your children with their private education as well as support private schools, here are a few ways you can do just that.

Organize a PTA/PTO for the Schools

Private schools need PTO's and PTA's just as much as public schools. If your children's schools have not established a parent-teacher organization or parent-teacher association, then you will need to talk to the school's board members. Unlike the public schools, a private school board of chairpersons will be the ones to decide if you can help establish the school's PTO/PTA. The chairpersons may want to see some evidence of your ability to raise money and organize events before they give their permission, so make sure you have a resume ready.

Volunteer to Drive

Sporting events, extracurricular activities and field trips all need transportation. Private schools can charter buses or vans, but it costs the schools money they might not have in their budgets. If your children's schools ask for volunteers to drive, they probably could use several parents to help with transportation all year long. By volunteering your van or mini-van for transportation, you can help your children's classes go to activities that they might not be able to go to otherwise, and you can help the schools save money to put towards the more important programs and activities that the schools offer as part of the private school education.

Send Your Child to School With Lots of Extra Supplies

Classroom supplies are purchased with some of the money the schools get from tuition, but these supplies frequently run out part of the way through the year. Outdoor play equipment, art supplies and introductory instruments for music class (e.g., recorders, tin whistles, tambourines, etc.) also have to come out of the tuition money. Refreshing school supplies when they run out is not always possible, so you can help support your children's private education and support private schools by sending lots of extra school supplies for the classrooms and schools on the first day of class. The extra supplies are often stored in a supply closet where they can be shared among all of the classrooms in the school, so your donation of extra supplies benefits your children's entire school.

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